2017 – Slate of Officers and Directors

Officers – serving a one year term

President – Ron Mitro         (nominated for re-election)
1St VP – Manny Garcia       (nominated for re-election)
2nd VP – Chico Goldsmith  (nominated for re-election)
Secretary – Ira Shapiro       (nominated for re-election)
Treasure – Mel Mann          (nominated for re-election)

Board of Directors

The following officers will be serving the second of their two year terms in office, and are not subject to reelection.

Jean Hawa
Tomas Hernandez
Andy Leavy
Luis Quevedo
Gary Shanock
Philip Williams
Cindy Endres
Millie Garcia

The following names are up election as either returning board members or new board members.

Mike Penn     (nominated for re-election)
Bob Squier    (nominated for re-election)
Gary Stump   (nominated for re-election)
Frank Garcia (new nomination)

This board member is an automatic position.

Guy Lewis – Club Council (No Change)

Currently the Honorary Board Position of Immediate Past President remains unfilled.