President’s Message

President  Ron  Mitro  with  his  2001  Chevrolet  Corvette

December  2017

Season’s greetings everyone,

As my term as president comes to an end, I want to report about our General Membership Meetings and events. At the October meeting, we had a trivia contest. Gary Shanock came in first, Bob Squier came in second and Philip Williams came in third. All received a prize. First prize was a very nice model of a 1968 Camaro. Steve Vogel won our free dinner drawing. At our November meeting, Steve Greenblatt gave us an informative presentation on buying the correct car if you’re going to restore it. The November free dinner was won by Ron Mitro. Our Cars in the Garden at Fairchild was great. The Deering Estate Show had great attendance. Our Progressive Dinner was the best one that I’ve ever been to, thanks to Manny and Millie Garcia, Tomás Hernández, and Philip Williams (who hosted our appetizers). Our main dinner and dessert was hosted by Cheryl and Jay Mullininx. Our Holiday Party is on December 2nd.

Since this is my last Presidential letter, I would like to thank some people, not in any particular order, who have helped during the past two years: Ken Hilton, who is my aide, has gone to many events on my behalf, helping out because I was unable to attend because of work. He also was the head of security at the Miami International Auto Show for Memory Lane and Havana Classics. He also helped me compose and print my presidential letters; Ira Shapiro, our club secretary did an excellent job keeping the minutes and getting my agendas to me as well as heading up judging and many other things; Manny Garcia, our first vice president, his wife, Millie, and Tomás Hernández. They put together many of our special events. What a great job and I know Manny will make a great president; Jean Hawa, you have no idea how hard this woman has to work every month to put our Sidelights newsletter together. I only have to do the presidential letter and she has to remind me every month. Some of her other contributions are the Deering Estate Show and the Cars in the Garden show at Fairchild; Bob Squier, our webmaster, keeps our website up to date as well as informs us on all upcoming events, dates, and takes pictures at various events; Philip Williams is in charge of our membership, notifying us of our new members. He also registers people who will attend our events and along with Bob Squier, signs in the cars at the shows; Chico Goldsmith, our second vice president, helped acquire several lecturers for our general meetings and also helped with our Fairchild show; Cindy Endres, my chauffer picks me up and brings me to all our business meetings. Thanks to her truck, I probably would never have been able to come to one of our meetings due to flooding; Luis Quevedo, who has helped us out by donating money and obtaining door prizes for weekend accommodations; Mike Penn has helped us out by getting us many contributions to our club; Gary Shanock, Maurice Hawa and Norman Kassoff contribute their expertise on cars; Andy Leavy who puts together our Coral Gables show; Mel Mann, our treasurer, who keeps us in line with the club’s money as well as gets many contributions for the club and also runs the Miami International Auto Show and Art Deco; Guy Lewis, our attorney. We are so fortunate to have such a high caliber attorney for our assistance. We could never afford his excellent service. He keeps us legal; and all our other board members. Believe me, I could write a lot more about all of them because they do a lot more than I have stated. It has been fun and educational for me. But I could not have done it without all of our board members. So, thank you all.

I thank all the members who brought their cars to the shows. Also thanks to those who have provided us with lectures/programs throughout my term and thanks to all for your attendance and membership.

Hope you all have a happy and healthy holiday season. God Bless All.

Keep Them Rolling,
Ron Mitro, President
A.A.C.A. South Florida Region