Cars in the Garden – October 25, 2015

Photos below the story.

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, one of the premiere preserves of rare and exotic tropical plants and trees in the world, doesn’t sound like the place for a car show with over 100 antiques and Corvettes.  But on Sunday, October 25, as the sun came up over the gardens, all manner of antique cars from AACA South Florida and Corvettes from the Sunshine Corvette Club glided in under the boughs and leaves and parked throughout the garden in settings that mutually enhanced the cars and the foliage.  We were blessed with partly cloudy skies and temperatures in the 80’s and a nice breeze.  We here in South Florida hope this kind of weather will last until late spring because this show marks the beginning of our very busy winter car show season.

A big thank you goes to the following: Registration – Philip Williams,  Ira Shapiro, Maria Quevedo,  and Gary Shanock;  Show field layout and signage – Maurice Hawa;  Antiques Parking – Maurice Hawa, John Jones, Bob Squier, Luis Quevedo, Jon Weiss;  Corvette Parking – Cliff Gibson;  Counting ballots – Jean Hawa and Chico Goldsmith; Refreshments – Jean Hawa.  And, of course, thanks to Jean Hawa and Chico Goldsmith for co-chairing the event.

We had a wonderful time enjoying the weather, the garden, the cars, and the people.   Awards were given for the antique cars by decade and for the Corvettes by series.  There also was a People’s Choice award voted on by the spectators who came to see the cars and the garden.  Best of Show for Antiques went to Sam Huttig with his 1911 White; Best of Show for Corvettes went to Mark Tenzer for his 1960 Corvette.

We’re sorry if you missed it.  What follows are photos of the cars and the venue in no particular order for your enjoyment.

If you have photos of the show that you would like to share;  please email them to Bob Squier.

Photos by Bob Squier and Philip Williams

Best of Show – Antique1911-White-Touring-GA

1911 White Touring GA BestAntique

Show Co-chairpersons Chico Goldsmith and Jean Hawa with winner Sam Hutting and his son William.

Best of Show – Chevrolet Corvette1960-Chevrolet-Corvette

1960 Chevrolet CorvetteBestCorvette
Show Co-chairpersons Chico Goldsmith and Jean Hawa with winner Mark Tenzer.

 The rest of the show.