Holiday Party – December 12, 2015

This year’s Holiday Party was like a visit to the old home.  It was held at La Isla in Kendall, which long-time club members will remember as the former Tony Roma’s where we met every month for many years.  Now the place has been renovated and redecorated and the room sparkled with friends and stacks of gifts.  We all enjoyed a great meal and lots of stories of car shows past and those to come.

The Holiday Party is also time for a bit of club business: the Board of Directors for 2016 was sworn in, welcoming new members Cindy Endres and Millie Valiente.  Past President Jean Hawa passed the symbols of office – the steering wheel and gavel – to incoming President Ron Mitro.

The club also honored our Most Valuable Member of 2015: Guy Lewis.  He has been a staunch supporter of the club for many years, has opened his house for national and local club events, found and encouraged new sponsors of the club, and can always be counted on to share his collection of fine cars for shows.

We also had a first: the circular gift exchange. Everyone was told to bring a wrapped gift.  We all sat in a circle, got a gift, and then as Ron Mitro read the poem “A Visit from St. Nicholas” (“’T’was the night before Christmas…”).  Every time the word “and” appeared in the poem, the gifts were all passed to the right.  Everyone got something!

Thank you to Manny Garcia and Millie Valiente for putting together such a great party.  If you couldn’t make it, enjoy the pictures.

Philip Williams
Photos by Bob Squier