Annual Picnic – April 24, 2016

Once again the members of the AACA South Florida Region gathered for the annual picnic at Kendall Indian Hammocks Park. We scheduled it for April so that there was less chance of rain and it would be cooler.  One out of two isn’t bad; it was in the low 90’s yesterday.

There was a smaller number of club members who came out for the fun, the food, and the company, but it was a good bunch.  We saw quite a few antique cars because it was a dry sunny day.  Even Mel brought out his 1972 Chevrolet Corvette; which means there was no rain to be seen within the tri-state area.

This year’s picnic was a catered affair under the chairmanship of Manny Garcia, Millie Garcia and Tomas Hernandez.   They along with Jean Hawa, Cindy Endres, Ron Mitro, Yovanna Hernandez, Gary Stump, and Jon Weiss did a fine job serving the BBQ pork, chicken along with a table heaped with a wide assortment of side dishes and desserts, all up for prizes and judged by an impartial panel of tasters.

Taking top honors for the side dishes were: 1st Place Jean Hawa’s broccoli salad; 2nd Place Jose Varela’s Cuban Boliche` with black beans and rice; and 3rd Place Bob Squier’s cucumber salad.  Top honors for desserts went to: 1st Place Celia Layzell’s chocolate cake topped with flan; 2nd Place Cindy Endres’s oatmeal cookies with icing, and 3rd Place Yovanna Hernandez’s apple cake.   We also had a birthday cake for the April celebrants: John Layzell, Jon Weiss, Gary Stump and Bob Squier.

Thanks again to all who helped with the picnic, and all the members who by being there made this a very enjoyable event.

Story and Photos by Bob Squier

We had a good showing of cars and a great group to celebrate our annual picnic.