Progressive Lunch – November 11, 2018

The day started out with the unique South Florida phenomenon of sunshine showers, but it didn’t deter the early risers who motored down to the home of Conrad Vazquez and Tania Santiago-Mirabel for a continental breakfast around the pool and under a tent as the last of the morning sun-showers tapered off.  Then it was on to the grounds of Eastridge Retirement Community where we parked on the lawn and put our cars on display for the residents, many of whom remembered their days behind the wheel of cars like those on display.  And then it was on to the home of Jay and Cheryl Mullininx who put out a luncheon spread that can only be described as sumptuous: roast beef, grilled chicken, potatoes with all the trimmings, and then the sugar-buzzing dessert selection.  Good food, good friends, and a beautiful day.  Thanks to all our hosts for opening their homes to us, Eastridge Retirement Community for inviting us, and to Manny and Millie Garcia for organizing this event.

By Philip Williams
Photos by Bob Squier, Philip Williams and Ira Shapiro