President’s Message

President Ira Shapiro

July/August 2020

My fellow club members, I hope this issue of Sidelights finds you all in good health. News from the coronavirus front is both good and bad. More of our community is re-opening, albeit in a phased response to keeping us all safe. Restaurants are re-opening with sit-down service but with limits of occupancy and proximity of the patrons. These rules are still preventing us from gathering for a monthly meeting. At the same time, beaches and parks have begun to re-open, also with restrictions that prevent us from having our summer picnic. Vice President Rudy Rodriguez is in communication with the county to see when we can reserve a park location for our club picnic. The intention is for later in the year, we will be getting together. Later will be better then never!

As stated in our last issue of Sidelights, there are still ways for us to remain together.  The latest issue of the Club Roster has been published by Jean Hawa with the assistance of Philip Williams and Bob Squier. Once again Jean, Philip and Bob have produced a wonderful publication. On behalf of the Board and myself, I want to thank them for their hard work. A more immediate way to stay in touch is our club website. Bob Squier is doing a great job updating and posting pictures of our club.  Visit the website and relive our National Show as well as all the other events we have done pre-shutdown. I also want you to log into our club Facebook page. Click on this link or copy and paste this web address into your browser to see the latest postings: Be sure to join the page, which will allow you to be an active member of our club’s Group Facebook page. So far only 44 club members have joined the Facebook Group.  I encourage you to post pictures of your favorite cars, past car events, or fun car facts.  By actively following our page we will all be much closer together by sharing your love for the car hobby.  With no club events happening these days, we need to help Jean fill the pages of Sidelights. Please submit an article or story to Jean Hawa for Sidelights.

Friends, we are all stronger than the pandemic. Enjoy our club newsletter, website and Facebook page.  Maintain social distancing, wash your hands often, and be safe.  I want to talk with all of you at our next event.

Ira Shapiro, President 2020