President’s Message

President Ira Shapiro


Welcome to the October issue of our award-winning publication Sidelights. Our club election cycle is in full swing. Last month our Nominating Committee Chairperson, Tomás Hernández, asked for volunteers from the membership to assist with the nomination of officers and board members. At this month’s General Meeting, the slate will be presented to the club as will the floor be opened to additional nominees. Thank you, Tomás Hernández, and the nominating committee for helping to guide the direction of our club. Remember, we have elections on November 18th.
By now you have heard that the Board of Directors voted not to participate in the 2021 Miami International Auto Show. This was a very difficult decision for the Board to make, but we felt that the well-being of our members was more important than participating. Our plan is to participate next year in the 2022 version of the auto show. My thanks to all the car owners that applied for this year’s show. Everyone that applied for the show this year will be the first to be asked to reapply.
After three months of meeting in person, the general meeting was held via Zoom last month. Unfortunately, with the uptick of COVID cases as well as the restaurant’s fried food choices, we chose to take advantage of Zoom once again. Additionally, the poor attendance spoke volumes about the reluctance to gather indoors and the food choices. We are looking for a better solution.  Keep checking your emails for meeting updates.
Enough of the glum news. Plans are on track for our Progressive Dinner. Cheryl and Jay Mullininx will host the main course and dessert, and we are working on a location for the appetizers. Stay tuned and don’t miss out on Cheryl’s cooking. Thank you to Cheryl and Jay, along with Millie Garcia for pulling this event together. In December we will have our annual holiday party and officer induction. The committee has identified a location that will give us plenty of room to have fun and stay safe. The details are being worked out so keep an eye out for the email reminders from Bob Squier, on our website, and from Jean Hawa in Sidelights.
We have gathered safely several times so far this year and will continue to create opportunities to continue doing so safely. Stay in touch with what is happening in the club by reading our club newsletter Sidelights, edited by Jean Hawa. You can also stay in touch through our club’s website edited by Bob Squier, or join and follow the club Facebook page, South Florida Region Antique Automobile Club of America Group. As a member of the group, you can post car hobby-related items.
Stay in touch. The year is not over yet and we want you to participate in events being scheduled.  I look forward to seeing all of you at the Progressive Dinner and finally at the Holiday Party. Be safe and have fun!
Ira Shapiro, President 2021