Most Valuable Member

In 1971 the club created the Most Valuable Member Award.  This award is given to the member who by vote of the Executive Board has contributed the most to the club over the past year.  The award is presented at the annual year-end Holiday Party.  To honor his memory and his many contributions, the award was renamed the Darcy O’Meara Award after his untimely death in 1979.

2017 Most Valuable Member
Jean Hawa

You have no idea how hard this woman has to work every month to put our Sidelights newsletter together. While handling that monthly chore she finds time to be the chairperson of the Deering Estate Vintage Auto Show and the co-chair of the Cars in the Garden show at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden.  As if that isn’t enough, she also handles the Sunshine report which notifies our club of major milestones in the lives of our members and sends out the appropriate card.  For these invaluable services and other behind-the-scenes efforts makes her the Most Valuable Member for 2017.

2016 Most Valuable Member
Manny and Millie Garcia

Manny and Millie Garcia accept the Most Valuable Member Award from President Ron Mitro.

The honor of the Most Valuable Member went to Manny and Millie Garcia.  This year they organized our three social events: the picnic, the progressive dinner and the holiday party.  In addition to these events, they have made sure we had plenty of eats at our monthly general meetings.  Only the results for their tireless efforts are known to the club members; while the board knows the amount of work each of them have put in to make our social events enjoyable.  Manny and Millie’s invaluable service to the club makes them an easy choice for the Most Valuable Members for 2016.

2015 Most Valuable Member
Guy Lewis

Guy Lewis receives Most Valuable Member Award from Mel Mann
Guy Lewis receives Most Valuable Member Award from Mel Mann

We are pleased to honor one of our esteemed members who has made a huge contribution to the success of our club in the past decade.  As a direct result of Guy’s influence with his clients in obtaining sponsorships he helped us put on two, back-to-back, national winter meets and to continue to provide for our members free car shows and subsidized social events.  Every year, Guy ensures the success of our Memory Lane exhibit at the Miami International Auto Show with his beautiful cars and long hours watching over the cars.  Guy has frequently opened his home and car collection to host various events.  Guy has and continues to provide our club with sound legal advice. Our club is a better organization because of his dedication and never-ending support, and he is an important part of why this club is so successful and respected in the community.

We are pleased to name Guy Lewis as our 2015 Most Valuable Member.

2014 Most Valuable Members
Greg and Cindy Endres

Greg and Cindy Endres with President Oscar Castro

     The honor of the Most Valuable Member went to Greg and Cindy Endres. This is the first time the award has gone to those who are not members of the board of directors.  It is clear to all that their tireless and cheerful efforts on behalf of the club by coming to every event, volunteering for judging, parking, registration and helping out sets a fine example for every member of the club and embodies the true spirit of the hobby and our club.  Greg and Cindy’s invaluable service to the club makes them our Most Valuable Members for 2014.

Mel Mann

Mel Mann with President Jean Hawa
Mel Mann with President Jean Hawa

 Mel Mann has worked  tirelessly at fund raising for our club by constantly keeping in contact with our sponsors throughout the year.  He does this with a visit, a phone call or a note to make sure they know how much we appreciate their contributions.  He devotes a great deal of time to keeping these relationships.  Besides being the club treasurer he finds the time to organize two major shows,  Memory Lane and Art Deco Weekend.  All of that pales in comparison to the personal time he devoted this past year to making sure our club achieved our non for profit status with IRS.  Although this may never be an issue, but if it should arise in the future, the board members will be very glad he made the effort.  He works hard on the Club’s behalf, always going above and beyond the call of duty, which makes him the Most Valuable Member for 2013.

 2012 Most Valuable Member
John Jones

John Jones with President Jean Hawa
John Jones with President Jean Hawa

For years, John Jones has been working behind the scenes at many of our shows and social events helping them to run smoothly. He was instrumental with the Miami Ocean Volvo Ocean Race, provided an article for Sidelights, and supports the annual Matheson Hammock picnic by rounding up coolers and providing the ice, which is where he picked up his nickname – The Iceman. Besides helping out at car shows or volunteering at a variety jobs, he is always there when we need him with a quick – “Yes, I can do that.” – whatever that turns out to be. John’s invaluable service to the club makes him our Most Valuable Member for 2012.

 2011 Most Valuable Member
Oscar Castro

Oscar Jean MVM 11
Oscar Castro receives the Most Valuable Member Award from Jean Hawa

Oscar Castro has been our 2nd Vice President for two years now. He helped us get through our National Show in March 2011 serving as field marshal, and he has been instrumental in getting a range of guest speakers for our monthly meetings, organizing and shopping for the annual Matheson Hammock picnic, and overseeing the progressive dinner. He was in charge of the holiday party in all aspects, including arranging for the donated prizes for the raffle and drop-off locations for the Toys for Tots Program.  Essentially, he was a one-man social event organizer as well as a one-man volunteer enlister: he was able to find volunteers to help him with each of these events.  That’s not an easy chore, but his enthusiasm and infectious cheerfulness made it hard to say no.  Oscar Castro’s invaluable service to the club makes him our Most Valuable Member for 2011.

2010 Most Valuable Member
Andy Leavy

mel andy mvm 10
Mel Mann presents the Most Valuable Member Award to Andy Leavy

Andy Leavy has been our President for a year and has graciously assumed the office for 2011.  He has helped lead us through our National Show in March 2010 and is a key player in the National Show we will put on in March 2011.  He has sought out new venues and events to keep the club moving forward.  He organized an outing at a go kart track and new show at a grand opening of a shopping mall and of course his unseen hand is involved at all of our events.  He keeps our meetings informative, fun and interesting.  Andy Leavy’s invaluable service to the club makes him our Most Valuable Member for 2010.

 2009 Most Valuable Member
Jean Hawa

Mel Mann presents the Most Valuable Member Award to Jean Hawa
Mel Mann presents the Most Valuable Member Award to Jean Hawa

Jean Hawa has been our 2nd Vice President since March of 2009.  Upon taking office she has jumped into her duties with both feet.  It is the responsibility of the 2nd Vice President to organize and oversee our social events, and Jean has done an exemplary job of doing just that.  Our annual Matheson Hammock Picnic was a rousing success with 170 members and their families attending.  The Progressive Dinner was superbly directed by Jean; she and her husband, Maurice, did the lion’s share of the heavy lifting that allowed the 76 members and their families to enjoy this very successful event.  The last event of the year is the one you are enjoying reading about right now, the Holiday Party.  Again a lot of time, effort and eating went into this event from choosing the location to selecting the caterer, and to deciding to honor the unsung heroes of our club: the former and current first ladies.  She has sought out interesting guests who spoke on a wide range of car and the antique car hobby related topics at our general meetings.  As if all that was not enough to earn her this honor she is also the editor of our club’s award winning magazine, Sidelights.